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Q+A with Jay Benn

tango's Chief Operating Officer

Celebrating his anniversary at tango, Jay sat down with us to reflect and discuss tango's success with his leadership.

Q+A with Jay Benn

In the past 3 years with tango, what aspects of the business have kept you engaged and driving success?

Jay:Since joining the tango team, we have been actively focused on several overarching priorities. The first has been developing the strategic relationships with our key provider partners who are the linchpin to providing access and driving quality outcomes for our patients receiving care at home.

Second, we have diligently worked in recent years to innovate our clinical capabilities, become easier to do business with, and expand operational efficiencies so that tango is well positioned to support the significant growth we are experiencing today.

Finally, we continue to advance in building and nurturing a talented and high performing team at tango. While continuing to commit to these aspects of our business, I am especially proud that tango has remained steadfast in keeping at-home patient care at the center of everything it does.

What about tango sets you apart from others when it comes to Home Health Care benefit management?

Jay: tango’s focus on enabling our home health agency partners to provide high quality, cost-effective care for patients through innovative, value-based models really sets it apart from the rest of the industry. We know that the home is often the most efficient and preferred care setting for seniors, but access and transition support can be barriers to allowing seniors to receive care and comfort in their own home. tango’s efforts to drive payment innovation and build high quality home health care networks ensures patients can recover in their own home, and our care coordination program helps manage transitions, improving key outcomes such as admission and re-admission rates, and reducing total cost of care for payors.

What are you most looking forward to with tango and the future of the home care?

Jay: tango and its collaboration with key stakeholders provide a great platform to deliver care much more meaningfully at home. tango is an innovator and leader in driving the enablement of home care for seniors, and I am really looking forward to the role that tango can play in aligning payment incentives with outcomes so that we can change the way our partners are managing their Medicare Advantage business and make the home a safer, more efficient, and high value setting for patients to receive care.

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