our value

tango has worked with health plans for over 20 years, and we understand their needs. Our solutions deliver both improved outcomes and reduce the total cost of care.

tango is able to achieve superior outcomes by:

  • Timely placement of home health services with qualified home health agencies.
  • Active clinical oversight with multiple touchpoints throughout the episode of care.
  • Effective management of an extensive network of providers.
  • Care calls to new patients to ensure a smooth start of care.
  • Extended and weekend hours to assist with timely placement.
  • Real time identification of high-risk patients.
  • Coordination with other post-acute vendors or service providers.
  • Leveraging proprietary technology to support efficient and effective patient care while gathering critical insights for payers and agencies.

the result

Lower readmissions to facility-based settings post discharge.

Lower overall home health care costs.

Reduced administrative expenses.

98% Patient Satisfaction rates.

performance management

tango uses the power of analytics to help ensure the highest quality of care.

Through tango’s proprietary Pronet system, we provide the industry’s most robust set of detailed analytics and reporting.

But it’s not just about providing charts and graphs. tango leverages that information to ensure the agencies in our network provide the best quality of care, while adhering to our rigorous service standards and Medicare and state Medicaid guidelines.

For Payers, it means a detailed understanding of the fastest growing sector of healthcare spend.

For our network of agencies, it means the insight to manage their own performance.

Our reporting includes details by patient population as well as drill-downs to providers.

Our Utilization Management (UM) department applies nationally recognized utilization criteria and regionally developed medical policies and standards of care for utilization management reviews. Criteria are available to providers and practitioners upon request by calling (888) 705‑5274, faxing (602) 475-9695, or by mail at 7600 N. 16th St. #140, Phoenix, AZ 85020. Once the request is received, our staff will respond with the requested criteria via fax, email or mail.

Case study.

National Medicare Advantage Payer

  • tango client for more than 10 years.
  • tango population has a 4% favorable return-to-acute rate vs. national target rate.
  • tango population has 40% lower annual home health claims expenses.
  • Reduced administrative expenses for delegating network management, claims, credentialing and utilization management.



Annual Savings