tango is revolutionizing home health by dismantling systemic barriers and bringing together stakeholders to achieve optimal member outcomes in the post-acute setting. Let's get you pointed to the right place.

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As home health enablers, we offer a platform that equips and empowers our home health network with the necessary tools, resources, and support to boost their capabilities, efficiency, and overall effectiveness in providing healthcare services.

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We're paving the way for a seamless journey to initiate home health care services, with less paperwork and more efficiency. This page is your one-stop shop for secure referral submissions. Let's tango!

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tango's guiding principles

We believe home health can have a major impact on the total cost of care for health plans. However, home health is deleveraged in a value-based environment, today. It is tango's intent to alleviate those pain points that restrict home health providers in a value-based arrangement.

Our home health partners matter, which is why tango will provide a platform to enable and activate key products, programs and assets of our partners to health plan customers through joint value-based initiatives.

Our collective goal is to forge a value-based relationship with health plans and enable our home health partners to be paid for the value they create.

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home health partner value drivers

value based platform.

tango provides a platform for our HHA partners to access a broad diversified set of value-based programs under an episodic payment methodology at fair rates.

reduce administrative burden.

tango leverages prospective payment methodologies and streamlined operations to reduce administrative burden (especially authorization activities) for both parties.

home health partner value drivers

autonomy in how care is deployed.

tango supports HHAs with more autonomy in how they deliver care which provides better access to care for patients and lower HHA service delivery costs.

care coordination support.

tango maintains a care coordination team that supports and augments provider activities to ensure value-based care outcomes and total cost of care savings are realized.

tango partners with many of the largest payors to coordinate and manage the home health benefits for their membership

tango partners with many of the largest payors to coordinate and manage the home health benefits for their membership.

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