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The Health Innovators Show: Best Practices for Selling to Healthcare Payers with Brian Lobley

Health Innovators Show

In this episode of Health Innovators, Dr. Roxie Mooney interviews Brian Lobley, CEO of tango. Brian shares his journey from Independence Blue Cross to leading tango, emphasizing value-based care in the post-acute space. He provides best practices for selling to healthcare payers, including understanding attribution, setting measurable success metrics, and having a robust implementation plan. Brian highlights the importance of partnerships and co-creation in developing successful healthcare solutions. Listeners will gain valuable insights into navigating the complex payer landscape and strategies to enhance their approach to engaging with healthcare payers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand attribution and set measurable success metrics for effective payer engagement.
  • Develop a robust implementation plan to ensure smooth execution and adoption.
  • Foster partnerships and co-create solutions with stakeholders for continuous innovation and better outcomes.