HealthBiz: Revolutionizing Home-Based Post Acute Care with tango CEO, Brian Lobley

Listen in as Brian Lobley, the innovative CEO of tango, joins HealthBiz podcast host, David E. Williams, to unravel the complexities of post acute care and its crucial role in patient recovery and healthcare economics. Brian shares his journey from his Philadelphia roots to reshaping healthcare through technology (with a passionate nod to Philly sports teams along the way).

Together, Brian and David explore tango's mission to revolutionize home-based care for seniors, especially within the Medicare Advantage space, and how this aligns with the growing preference for patients to recuperate in the comfort of their own homes, potentially reducing costly hospital readmissions.

As the conversation unfolds, we examine the transformative potential of redirecting resources from financially strained hospitals to more community-centric and home-based healthcare services. We dissect the intricate balance between the need for accessible critical beds and the service demands of diverse patient demographics, encompassing Medicare Advantage, commercial insurance, Medicaid, and dual eligibles. David highlights the vital role of patient and caregiver engagement in the realm of home health, and Brian sheds light on the importance of effective communication and robust support throughout the continuum of care.

Host David E. Williams is president of healthcare strategy consulting firm Health Business Group. Produced by Dafna Williams