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Wellcare and tango are excited to announce the expansion of our partnership to the following States:

Ohio - Effective TBD

Texas - Effective TBD

Michigan - Effective TBD

Oregon - Effective TBD

tango is proud to be a delegated manager for Wellcare's home health benefit, specifically for its Medicare Advantage and dually eligible members for the following benefit plans:

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  • XXX [placeholder]
  • XXX [placeholder]
  • XXX [placeholder]

Our expanded partnership encompasses several key components that aim to enhance the quality and delivery of home health care for patients:

1. Network Development and Management:

• Contracting, credentialing, and maintaining a robust network of home health care providers.

2. Referral Coordination and Authorization Management:

• Efficient management of home health referrals, referral coordination, and authorizations.

3. Claims Payment:

• Timely and accurate claims payment for the services provided under this delegation.

referring providers

We're paving the way for a seamless journey to initiate home health care services, with less paperwork and more efficiency.

The tango process allows for referring providers to use our online submission process for requesting prior authorization for patients requiring home health care. Once this submission is completed, the tango team will process the referral and secure home health placement for your patient.

As the go-live date for our partnership with WellCare approaches, this page will be updated with the link(s) for online home health care requests.
This page will also have a link to our Provider Finder that you may use to explore the tango network.

home health providers

As home health enablers, we offer a platform that equips and empowers our home health network with the necessary tools, resources, and support to boost their capabilities, efficiency, and overall effectiveness in providing healthcare services.

Our shared focus is on ensuring that members receive exceptional care in the comfort of their homes while reducing avoidable readmissions and unnecessary emergency department utilization. We understand the importance of a seamless transition for Wellcare's Medicare Advantage members, and we strongly encourage your organization to apply for participation in tango's home health network.

As the go-live date for our partnership with WellCare approaches, this page will be updated with the link(s) for online home health care requests.

Let's Go

Provider Links

If you do not have a contract with tango please click here.


If you do have a contract with tango please click here.


To learn more about how to transition an active authorization to tango, click here.


For frequently asked questions click here.


non-PAR providers

We encourage you to learn more about the benefits of becoming a contracted provider with tango. If you have any questions or would like further information, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team by filling out our Join Our Network web form found here.

Please ensure the following are accurately entered and uploaded when submitting your request:

- Contact email
- Contact phone
- A clear copy of the W9 and Licenses of each location

Once the join our network form has been filled out in its entirety and submitted, the contract management team will email the contact listed in the form to schedule an introductory virtual meeting. In preparation for this call we ask that you ensure the appropriate decision makers are included so as not to delay the contracting process.

PAR providers

Home Health providers with an active letter of agreement (LOA) or master agreement with tango looking to expand their coverage to Ohio, Michigan, Oregon and/or Texas should contact the tango contract management team at

To learn more about tango’s model in the Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas markets you can contact your assigned Provider Services Specialist or email

Transition Process

Member support for continuity of care.

Wellcare and tango are working closely together to facilitate a smooth transition for our shared members.

We will provide a detailed description of what to expect prior to each market go-live date.

Include authorization transition process based on go live dates.

How and where Referral Management would like to receive transitional authorization requests.

Common Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Contact our help center at (888) 705 5274.