Secure File Upload

Referral / Authorization Upload

Please upload a single file or multiple files to our secure site for processing.

The Referral/Prior-Authorization upload portal allows referral sources and home health agencies to initiate a new referral or authorization request with tango for skilled home health care services.  If you are a home health agency and are initiating a new authorization request, please be sure to include our Initial Authorization Form which can be found via our website.

Step 1: Please find the Referral/Prior Authorization Form, which can be found our website top menu.
Providers  > Provider Materials   > Authorization of Services
Please see the link below for direct access.

Step 2: Complete the Referral/Prior Authorization Form in its entirety.

Step 3: Upload the Referral/Prior Authorization Form and supporting documentation, to include a signed order, inpatient discharge summary (if applicable), H&P and therapy notes as applicable.

Step 4: Once the Referral/Prior Authorization Form and supporting documents have been uploaded, a Contact Form will populate. Please complete the form to ensure follow-up accessibility.